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CDs arrived!!

I have been wanting to write this entry but exams still going on around that time..
Now that my exam finished, i'm truly excited to hear Kis-my-ft2 new single
Snow DOME no Yakusoku♡♥
Also bought sexy zone single Bye bye Dubai..
really love the side track song for 49 drama, A My GIRL Friend☆★
The drama storyline was pretty good, now that Dan has found something he's good at..
hopefully he will regain his confidence.. no more attempt of suicide please!!


Still in the process of finding the drama opening song, Watashi no Okite by Chicken basket.. haha >.

Yayyy!! Pin to Kona

Just finished through my oral pharmacy assessment today
and yeah, here's a treat for myself XD
Sub for pin to kona last episode finally out~~
and that's mark the end of my on hold watching drama list


For me, Nakayama Yuma is a really talented actor
love his acting since koishite akuma and piece
Tama-chan also done a great job as the main hero >.<
and plus Umi is really kawaiiii
not to forget hokuto and jesse too ^^

"You're my shining star, mugen no kagayaki"

Another drama finished

I decided to watch kasuka no kanojo recently,,
and i would say that the story itself quite unique
as it involved school life story with addition of ghosts
I noticed that kitayama from kis-my-ft2 also starring in it
really love the scene when he confessed to kawaii sensei >.<


and there's also johnny's jr casted as students
I only recognised a few faces but these three are my favs :)

still in the process of getting to know more about them
suddenly miss bakaleya 6 =.=

Kamen teacher ~ the End!

Today marks the end of Kamen teacher,,
gonna miss this drama a lot,,
taipi and jesse combi >.<
plus, taiga's character in this drama is cute and hilarious,,
"Bon, you're also in M4" hahaha XD

saw the preview for next drama "49"
and know what??!
its starring shori sato from sexy zone and johnny's jr
fufufufu,, gonna keep my eyes on this drama ^^

Beginners! --> done!

finish watching jdorama Beginners featuring two of kis-my-ft2 members,,
all my stress that built up in those week went away~~
really love taipi and kitayama in this jdorama >.<
even though they always argued against each other,,
it still brings back memories when they acted as best buddy in misaki no.1 ^^


Kimi to no Kiseki is here!!

Woke up this morning and saw a small parcel in front of the gate.. ureshii desu ^^ finally got my kisumai stuff♥♡ and also uta pri maji japan mini☆★

Will watch the mv and the making tonight!! So excited! My first time bought a cd.. and its kis-my-ft2.. havent bought one for kpop stuff eventhough i used to craze about kpop.. hehe XD BSlP6cnCMAEV0cX


its 'Bad boys J'

Took long time enough to finish this drama.. hehe
but I'm glad that it didn't disappoint me at the end ^^
there's nakajima kento from sexy zone..
he's really changed from kawaiii to kakkoiii >.<
and also nikaido takashi from kis-my-ft2..

plus new face --> hashimoto ryosuke
just knew that he's from a.b.c-z
and that's make all top 3 from johnnys!!
total fan service XD